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Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 Release Time Countdown And What To Expect

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Hello Neighbor Alpha 3

Update: Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 build is now available to download! You can check out our guide here?on how to get the new ending of the latest build of the game.

Original Story: Recently, the official Hello Neighbor site confirmed that its Alpha 3 build is arriving in three days. Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 may have new gameplay content and also unveil more of the basement’s secrets. Here?s what to expect from the upcoming Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 release.

Alpha 3 Release Time

According to the game?s official site, the Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 release is three days from now. However, the clock is set to December 22 at 4PM ?in Europe/Amsterdam, so there could be a little delay. For now, it might be best to mark the date if you want to get the Alpha 3 release as soon as possible.

New Gameplay Content

Potentially, Dynamic Pixels may include some new gameplay mechanics for the Alpha 3 build. New tools for the player and the Neighbor might be implemented to expand the game?s mechanics. Currently, most players rely on outpacing and escaping the neighbor through swift stealth rather than tactical tool use.

Meanwhile, the neighbor is limited to using traps that impair that player?s movement if they activate it. It?s possible that the neighbor may now use other tools to hamper intruders from coming inside the house. We?ll have to wait until the build gets implemented to know these new items.

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More Basement Lore

In the previous build, Hello Neighbor only allowed players to enter the first room in the basement. Players found an eerie candlelit room with a sleeping bag and a crib inside it. Players seeking to explore through the door in the basement would be met with the Hello Neighbor site screen, which marks the end of the demo.

However, players found a way to bypass this end screen and explore more of the basement. As expected, the other parts of the basement lack specific detail and have bizarre placement of furniture and other items. The keys found in the basement still don?t work. Potentially, this might just be unfinished content for the Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 release but was placed there for the developer?s convenience or for fans to eventually discover. As of now, players have only speculated what?s down there but we will have to wait for future updates to know what the neighbor?s basement?has in store for players.

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