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Hello Neighbor Alpha 3: How To Get The New Ending

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Hello Neighbor Alpha 3

Recently, tinyBuild games and Dynamic Pixels have released the new Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 build. A new house and ending awaits the player in this build. Here?s a guide on how to get the new build?s ending.

New House in Alpha 3

According to eMbeaR?s video, the new Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 house features the neighbor occupying a larger house. However, the players won?t be able to reach its highest floors without using debug commands. Similar to the older builds, players will have to find a way to enter the basement in the neighbor?s house. However, this build seems to be unstable, and the neighbor may even?give a glitchy chase to the player.?

Unlocking the Basement

Accessing the?Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 basement also has the same requirements in order to access the basement. Players must find the keycard to unlock the basement door and the crowbar to remove the planks off the door. Next, players?will need to get the magnet behind a fence hidden by a stack of boxes. Players will have to use it to get the key through hole behind the Golden Apple painting. The locked room will have a small hole in the ground which will lead to the room where the Keycard is kept.

The crowbar is located in an attic that is only accessible if players use some footing first to jump into the attic window. Once inside the attic, the crowbar is hanging on a notch in the single wood pillar in the room. If you have the keycard and the crowbar, you?ll just have to avoid the neighbor as you open the basement door.

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Alpha 3 Ending

Upon entering the basement, players will be sent to a brightly lit room with the neighbor crying in the corner. The room doesn?t have any other interactable items in the area and the crying neighbor seems to be the most interesting event in the room. However, the game will end if you get near the neighbor. For now, this ending shows more depth into the neighbor?s story, but it?s difficult to piece up due to the lack of any obvious exposition and story progression in the game. We might have to wait for the next update after Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 to make sense of the crying neighbor ending.

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