Hello Games Wants To Make ‘Rare Feeling’ Rare in ‘No Man’s Sky’

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Scene-stealer! That is how the ?No Man?s Sky? game should be called after this year?s E3. No Man?s Sky is an upcoming science fiction game from Hello Games spearheaded by Sean Murray. Hello Games is composed of indie developers based in UK and the said game was developed originally by 4 persons, then became 7. ?Hello Games is currently composed ?of 10 persons only. Pretty impressive huh?

The gameplay features exploring what is beyond planet Earth. A condensed look at a supposedly infinite world that took in space dinosaurs, extra-terrestrial fauna and fleets of starships in one seamless, breathless swoop, as described in Eurogamer.

“The game is too hostile for players.” Murray compared it with Call of Duty wherein it is almost like watching the game and not playing. Bringing back that rare feeling when playing games is Murray and his team?s goal. Games nowadays give gamers the certainty of finishing the game and Murray emphasized, ?we?ve lost that ability to have even a feeling of ‘am I going the right way’ that we?re quite used to from real life.”

In ?No Man?s Sky?, the player will be dropped onto a planet without nothing else but bare necessities for survival. A basic life pod will lead the player to the nearest space station to begin with. The player will be the only one to figure out how to get devices and upgrade them and do something sensible with life. Most people will start by either mining resources or as a bounty hunter or a security guard. The career paths the player choose will matter in the exploration.

The game is currently confirmed to be released for PS4 and has no release date yet. Demands from the people speculating whether it will be available on PC went turbulent. Forbes said in an article to not worry because the game developers are true artists and they would want a lot of people to experience their art and in time, No Man?s Sky will come to PC.

When asked about the team?s focus, Hello Games? Alex Wiltshire said, “Our focus, though, is on features that support what for us the game is about – exploring a vast universe. That might inherently involve mods – we’ll know more as we continue making the game.”

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