Hello Games and No Man’s Sky: How did they do it?

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Screenshots from No Man’s Sky

Decent games require a decent amount of developers. Creating a game is not easy, you have to go through all the technicalities, designing, concept, publishing, and all other things needed to do it. Pulling something like what Hello Games did is just one way to tell developers that everything is possible.

Hello Games successfully created No Man?s Sky, one of the most awarded and significant titles in today?s video game industry. However, before the development started, these people were just individuals who shared the same passion, to create a video game that everyone would love.

According to Hello Game?s Sean Murray, No Man?s Sky was a part of the company?s plan when four of its programmers started the company. They spent years learning the craft and experienced what it takes to create awesome games from different studios in London.

Somehow, Hello Games differs from most developers that we have today. They did not put up themselves just to be on top of the mainstream development nor put themselves up just to receive popularity among the gaming community.? All of them were from bigger studios but they left for the sole purpose of creating games with passion, something that they can be proud of.

That is the feeling that the developers of Hello Games felt while they were building No Man?s Sky. Obviously, when you talk to developers about their games, they will tell you about its amazing features. Developers from Hello Games are veterans with years of experience in developing and shipping games.

Apart from the fact that Hello Games was known for its Joe Danger Games, they said that No Man?s Sky would be loved just as much by everyone.

Now, the question that most people throw to them is that, how can a 10 ?ten-developer team manage to deliver a game with the scope of No Man?s Sky?

The answers were simple, passion and experience led them to accomplish it.





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