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Hellblade Senua?s Sacrifice Release Date And Gameplay: What We Know So Far

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Hellblade Senua?s Sacrifice

Game developer Ninja Theory is bringing a new action game called Hellblade Senua?s Sacrifice, which is scheduled to arrive sometime this year. The company has been sharing several details about the game in their videos, showcasing a good amount of content and gameplay elements. The video game has been described as a AAA indie title by the developer.

The game features the journey of its female protagonist Senua through the underworld. According to the developer, the upcoming game focuses on three key elements which include ninja-class combat, art vision and strong character stories.

The series of videos released by the developer showcase different aspects of the upcoming title. Recently, the studio released a combat trailer and revealed new details about the gameplay mechanics. The gameplay in Hellblade Senua?s Sacrifice is full of action, which is typical of what we can expect from a developer like Ninja Theory. Many other videos in the series also suggest that Senua will have different moves and abilities which she?ll be using against the enemy forces. The game is still under development, but the videos released by the developer suggest that the combat elements are consistently being improved.

According to the studio?s blog Development Diary, improvements in fighting mechanics are significant, and it seems that the game is becoming more brutal as the development progresses. Each hit players make on the enemies has a visible impact, and it looks like they will also be getting their own unique moves in an attempt to defeat Senua.

The game was first revealed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive game. Later the company confirmed that Hellblade Senua?s Sacrifice will be released on PC as well. The studio has not confirmed any specific release date for the game, but based on the regular development updates, it seems that fans can expect it anytime soon. The studio has also tested the game in virtual reality, but the development team made it very clear that the game is not a VR experience and support for such device has yet to be confirmed by the company.

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