?Hell On Wheels? Season 6 Cancelled; Season 5 Finale Spoilers Here

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Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon – Hell on Wheels Season 5; Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/AMC

Hell On Wheels Season 6 has been cancelled so the Season 5 finale will serve as the conclusion for the whole series. Spoilers for the finale reveal that there will be new beginnings and endings for the ones left standing.

The western drama is set in the 1860s which follows the story of the construction of America?s Transcontinental Railroad and the greed and fraud behind it all.

The series finale is titled ?Done? and is symbolic of a lot of things in the story, as Movie News Guide notes. It can refer to the completion of the railroad system, or the conclusion to government hearings and other issues, and it can also refer to endings.

The official synopsis for Episode 14, ?Done,? reads: ?Government hearings, incalculable actions and the golden spike breed new beginnings and endings for those left standing.?

In the penultimate episode, we finally saw the completion of the railroad and the conclusion of the long battle between the Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad, Hidden Remote recaps.

The two railroads raced to the end of the line at Ogden, and whoever got there first wins and will take control of the coal fields.


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Cullen and the Central Pacific won the race while some of Durant?s men from the Union Pacific walked off and joined Cullen?s men. Durant was pushing them too hard to the point where they were forced to do something unsafe. The Central Pacific won only by a couple of feet. They worked until the two railroads meet and Cullen was the one who drives the final spike. The winning railroad celebrated that night and last scene showed Cullen collapsing on his railroad car. For a moment there, he looked like he wasn?t happy about their victory until he started laughing. He must have been recalling everything he went through just to get there and perhaps contemplated if it was all worth it.

The question going into the finale is what Cullen will do after he?s achieved what he has set out to do from the beginning. Will he still have a purpose after completing the railroad? He lost so much during that journey including his wife and child. He almost died during the battle with the Swede and had to do horrible things. What will he do then? What?s next after he reaches the end of the line?

Catch the Hell On Wheels Season 5 finale and series finale this Saturday, July 23, 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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