“Helix” : Part Horror, Part Mystery, All Suspense

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helix-posterThe SyFy Channel press release reads, “Helix is an intense thriller about a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic, Arctic Biosystems, to investigate a possible disease outbreak, only to find themselves pulled into a terrifying life-and-death struggle that may hold the key to mankind?s salvation or total annihilation. However, the lethal threat is just the tip of the iceberg, and as the virus evolves, the chilling truth begins to unravel.”

Helix is a Contagion/Outbreak hybrid mixed in with a little bit of John Carpenter’s The Thing.By Helix - TV Series Part horror, part mystery thriller, all suspense. It?s the proverbial race against time with a lot unknown variables and obstacles thrown in. As the CDC team races for the cure, forces within the facility try to secure their dark secrets and hide the real goings-on from the very people who can actually help them. Trust is a very rare commodity in this show. Everyone is lying. To what end, only they know for sure. The constantly mutating virus pushes everyone to their limits, as both the disease and the truth spread faster than wildfire.

By Helix - TV Series 6TV veterans Billy Campbell and Hiroyuki Sanada lead this cast of scientific eggheads on two sides of the ethical fence. As lead CDC liaison, Campbell?s first priority is to quell the outbreak and find the root cause of it all. As the facility?s chief operations officer, Sanada is there to safeguard the sanctity of their uber top secret projects. Underneath all these secrets and lies, everyone else quietly forges on, keeping their own personal agendas close to the vest. The outbreak merely becomes the tapestry for all to see and focus on while the real drama hides just behind it.

It?s a study in character devolvement By Helix - TV Series 7as we witness the most brilliant minds this planet has to offer succumb to their baser instincts and their sheer will to survive. Despite their genius, their superior intelligence and their pedigree, they are all transformed into rabid dogs who are more than willing to tear you limb from limb just to stay alive. Not for all audiences though, some visuals and scenes may be too disturbing, especially for the squeamish.

Executive produced by an award-winning team of film and TV bigwigs who brought to us groundbreaking shows like The X-Files, Lost and the rebooted Battlestar Galactica, Helix is slated to be one of Syfy?s breakthrough shows of the year. After such a strong start, it definitely has the makings of a hit. 🙂


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