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It is true that Heavenly Sword was a popular game back in 2007. But no one anticipated that it will be “off” as a movie. Sony, in partnership with Cinedigm, will be having a movie for Heavenly Sword starring Fringe?s Anna Torv.

Sony has announced a CGI Heavenly Sword film, developed by Cinedigm that will be out this September. It will skip the theaters and head straight to DVD?s, PSN, and Blue-Ray. It features familiar voice actors, Fringe?s Anna Torv as Nariko, Thomas Jane as Loki, and Alfred Molina as King Bohan.

It has been 7 years since it was released. Many people do not even recognize the voice behind Nariko in the original game.

To get an idea about Heavenly Sword?s upcoming movie, here?s a trailer that you can watch:


However, we would not be getting much from the trailer, as it is an obvious retelling of the scenes from the original game. Critics are not even impressed with the video quality. It looks like the same quality from the PS3 era. With all the technological advancement in CGI making today, creating a movie based from a video game with the same caliber of graphics back in 2007, ?is not so impressive.

But the question most people would ask while watching the trailer is that, If Sony has the digital rights of the video game, why not remake or resurrect it with the latest technology the world has to offer?

Even “superhero” movies will fade away at some point. They will be rebooted or replaced with a much fantastic CGI-based (or at least, ?in most scenes) high-quality movies. Adding a poor quality movie from a past era would only damage and make a terrible entry to the video game genre. Though they have a solid cast and a good plot, Heavenly Sword might not be able to hook viewers even if they are fans of the original game.


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