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Heat, zip, and take your favorite home-cooked meals with you anywhere you go

This reusable storage is everything you’ll ever need to make heating, packing, and eating convenient!

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Plastic food storage and bags are probably a staple in your daily routine if you’re someone who’s always on the go and loves having home-cooked meals. While these plastic storages are convenient to use because they’re disposable, they’re actually not very environment-friendly. In fact, single-use plastics are detrimental to Mother Earth. And this is where reusable food bags come in handy!
With plastics becoming less and less popular, more eco-friendly alternatives are on the rise in the markets. But because not all food bags are created the same, you may need to find the best one that will do it all for you – something like this Dish Set from Ziptop.

Ziptop’s Dish Set is finally letting you say goodbye to plastic lids. This Dish Set is your perfect companion for when you need to heat, zip, and take your food with you anywhere! In fact, it functions as a food bowl in itself, too!

With Dish Set, you can have your food on the go – whether you have pre-prepped meals or leftovers. When you’re ready to eat, you just simple unzip it and eat right then and there! It also comes in 3 different sizes or a convenient nesting set.

What’s to love about Ziptop’s Dish Set

Better for You
Made with 100% platinum silicone, they won’t leach harmful chemicals like plastics can. Zip Top containers are completely free of BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalates.

Better for the Planet
Zip Top was designed with the environment in mind. One Zip Top can replace 5000+ disposable bags. The average family can use up to 2000 plastic bags a year. That’s a lot of trash!

So Versatile
Use Zip Top containers for food prep, cooking, lunches, leftovers, snacks on the go, travel, food storage, crafting, and just about anything you can imagine.

This Dish Set is also freezer safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe! So, when it comes to convenience, this one tops everything on your list! Need we say more?

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