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Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods Coming in Late April/Early May, Says Blizzard

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As expected, Hearthstone?s next major expansion will feature the Old Gods of Azeroth. Today, during a livestream event on Twitch.tv, Blizzard formally confirmed ?Whispers of the Old Gods? as the next addition to their wildly popular online card game. The expansion was outed ahead of schedule when a mural advertising the game was discovered by a fan on Reddit yesterday. Now that it?s official, lets take a look at some of the early information Blizzard has shared.

Whispers of The Old Gods Coming to Hearthstone

?Legend has it, the Old Gods? voices are dread whispers that no mere mortal can hope to resist. It is said that for millennia uncounted the massive Old Gods lay dreaming in ageless sleep deep beneath the surface of Azeroth.? Reads the official description for Whispers.

The set will consist of 134 new cards all themed around C?Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y?Shaarj, and N?Zoththe ?the four ?Old Gods? that once ruled Azeroth before the major events of the Warcraft saga. Each god will have his legion of followers that impart certain bonuses to their leader. Playing along with the theme of the ?Old Gods? corruption,? the set will also feature ?corrupted? versions of several iconic Hearthstone cards.

Blizzard did not give a concrete release date for the set, but did say we can expect it in late April or early May along with the launch of the new Standard format.

Starting March 14, fans can begin pre-purchasing a $49.99 Whispers of the Old Gods bundle featuring 50 card packs and a unique card back. As a bonus, Blizzard is giving all Hearthstone players three free Whispers packs, a guaranteed copy C?Thun legendary card, and a 2 copies of the Beckoner of Evil card upon the set?s release. ?

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