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Hearthstone: Tips On Building A Good Arena Deck

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Hearthstone?s Arena game can be a consistent source of Expert Packs or on the contrary, it can be the bane of your time, constantly going 0-3. In the Arena and Hearthstone in general, there are some randomness involved, and how well you will play and build your deck will have a huge impact on how you will perform in Arena. These simple tips will help you learn to build an effective solid deck, no matter the choices you are given during the phase of deck creation.


First, you must select your character of choice before you can even think of drawing a deck. You will only be given three characters to choose from, so you cannot always pick your favorite. In fact, there will be times in the Arena that you will not be able to use the characters you enjoy playing. Nevertheless, you need to move on your card draft and select a character.
In selecting a character, it would be wiser to choose the class you are most familiar with. Even if you don?t know any of the characters to choose from, there?s a high probability that you know one of the characters more than the other. Mags, Druids and Paladins are considered the best classes in Arena, but if you don?t know how to use a Paladin, and you have a little knowledge about Mages, you should be choosing a Mage over a Paladin.
Your class selection will have less impact on your Arena run than your card draft, but most of the cards you will get will be related to the class you select. If you don?t know how a class should be played or what kind of deck you wanna build, it would be very hard to draft a quality deck.


It is never a great idea to rush through your draft, unless you have been winning for quite some time. ALWAYS take your time with every pick, and evaluate your strategy for every five cards or so. If you have more experience, you will be able to evaluate decks much longer, but for newbies, every five should be your limit.
In evaluating your deck, examine the cards you posses and carefully determine how you will use each one. What?s your target strategy with each card, and with your deck. Do you have the cards you need for your strategy to work out? If you don?t, then you either have to begin drafting cards that will fit right into that strategy, or just change your strategy entirely. Keep in mind, you do not have control over which three cards you are able to select, so if you are holding out some few cards as the basis of your plan, there is a decent possibility that you will never get those cards.

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