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Hearthstone Spring Update Brings New Deck Recipes

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Hearthstone Update
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With anticipation riding high for the Hearthstone Spring update, Blizzard has thrown fans a little teaser. Yesterday, the company unveiled one of the new features coming with the update: Deck Recipes. While not exactly the most exciting news for Hearthstone veterans, this new addition will definitely help newer players get up to speed.

First Hearthstone Spring Update Features Detailed

The feature is pretty much self-explanatory. Each of the game?s nine classes will now have three recipes, one classic and two themed, that players can use as guides when assembling a deck. Classic recipes contain cards from the basic and classic sets only, so players looking to be competitive right away should try and build these first.

The themed recipes in the Hearthstone Spring update are a little more complex. Here?s Blizzard?s official description:

?Themed recipes revolve around certain card types or mechanics, and generally promote synergy between the cards included in the recipe. These slightly more advanced decks each promote a specific playstyle, and are better suited for more experienced players looking to try something new.?

These decks can feature cards up to legendary rarity, giving players something to strive for. Should players lack any of the cards required for the deck, the recipes will suggest possible replacement cards they can use in the meantime.

Blizzard states that these decks are by no means the best possible ones you can construct. These are just simple templates that players can experiment with.

The rest of the Spring update is set to be revealed on Friday, March 11, right before the start of the Hearthstone Winter Championships. The Hearthstone Spring update, which is introducing an all-new standard format, is the biggest in the game?s over two-year history. Fans are expecting to see some new cards and hear more about the game?s future, so be sure to tune in here at TheBitBag. ?


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