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Hearthstone: RDU’s Freeze Mage Deck (Part 3 of 3)

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Acolyte of Pain (2)
This one is in the Freeze Mage deck primarily for a draw card purposes. As a Mage, you will be able to ping the Acolyte of Pain for an immediate draw, and get another one when it takes another damage. If you?re lucky enough, you may be able to get three cards from the Acolyte of Pain.

Blizzard (2)
This card can partially clear the board. Well, it depends on the minions in play, but we think that Blizzard is more of a stall card. This card freezes all the minions and also deals 2 damage. After using Blizzard, you can use the Flamestrike on your next turn, or better yet, attack your opponent directly to end the game.

Doomsayer (2)
When it comes to the Freeze Mage deck, this one is strictly a board clear card. This is card is exclusively included in this deck to clear the board. The Doomsayer works perfect with Blizzard and Frost Nova. And to top it all, given that the Doomsayer has 7 health, even if the opposing hero tries to get rid of this card, it will soak up some damage in the process. In able to unleash the Freeze Mage deck?s fury, you must get to the later turns and the Doomsayer can probably help you with that by stalling.

This is a staple card in most Mage decks. This card lets you get rid of a minion. Although it is not that essential in the Freeze Mage deck, Vaporize may come in handy in some situations. It prevents damage and can also give enough time to get the cards you need to beat the opposing hero.

This powerful card deals a lethal blow. Pyroblast can directly inflict 10 damage to your opponent, but you may not be able to toss whenever you like because it costs 10 mana. We advise you to only use the Pyroblast to finish off your opponent.

Mirror Image (2)
Yet another Mage staple. Mirror Image can instantly give two taunts for only one mana. It will give enough time to get the cards and mana you need, and will ruin the tempo of the opposing hero. This card can also protect your spell damage cards, which can give you an extra damage boost if there?s a spell card on your hand to play on your next turn.


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