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Hearthstone: RDU’s Freeze Mage Deck (Part 2 of 3)

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?Fireball (2)
This card is pretty much self-explanatory. Fireball is used to deal a direct damage to the hero, nothing else. Although you can use this card to take out a minion, it?s not in the deck for that purpose. The Freeze Mage deck is relatively a low damaging deck, which means that cards like the Fireball need to be used to make a direct damage? to your opponent. There are tons of way to clear the board, so it is not advisable to use a Fireball to take out a minion, not unless you are in dire need.

Flamestrike (2)
Any player who uses Mage must know how to use this card. This is a Mage?s board clear, and it does its job pretty well. It can also be combined with other cards in the deck which will increase its spell damage. When combined, you can use it to take out the minions with higher health than the average ones.
Tip: Use this after a Blizzard or Frost Nova, this will surely frustrate your opponent.

Frost Nova (2)
This card is used to stall your opponent. Frost Nova can freeze all minions and can easily be followed with Blizzard or Flamestrike. Use this to stall until you have the cards you need to take down your opponent.

Frost Bolt (2)
This is an another standard Mage card. Frost Bolt freezes its target and inflicts 3 damage. When this card is combined with Ice Lance, it works extremely well against the opposing hero. If you possess two Ice Land cards in your hand, you can use it to inflict 11 damage to your opponent. But if you?re lucky and there?s a spell damage card present on the board, the damage will jump to a whopping 14, man!? 14!

Ice Lance (2)
This is also a multi-purpose card in the Freeze Mage deck. Ice Lance can freeze a minion and it can also be used to stall the opposing hero. It deals a great amount of damage in end game, and is more effective when coupled with other cards in the deck. The Ice Lance is one of the few cards in Hearthstone that inflicts 4 damage for 1 mana.


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