Hearthstone: How To Play and Win All Ragnaros Fire Festival Tavern Brawl Rewards

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The new Midsummer Fire Festival-themed Tavern Brawl for the Blizzard Entertainment’s card game Tavern Brawl kept its fans warm since July 5. It features a unique gimmick where a neutral, invulnerable minion rains damage on the board while forcing players to defeat each other. Here’s how to use the special mode’s new gimmicks to your advantage.

The Game Mode

Like a few other Tavern Brawls, the Ragnaros’ Fire Festival will require players to build a deck out of their own cards for it. The card pool is set to “Wild” which means obsolete cards removed out of Standard play can be used. For now, make sure to bring many low-cost minions to feed the Tavern Brawl’s gimmick.

Feeding Mini Rag’

In the game mode, players will have a “Mini Rag’” unit that switches sides per turn. The unit randomly spreads its damage throughout all of a player’s minions and hero character. The gimmick may sound like an annoying piece but it’s actually an unreliable ally at most.

Aside from being a neutral damaging unit, Lil’ Ragnaros adds one Attack stat per kill which means he’ll grow stronger if you give him low-cost units to kill. Usually, low-cost units have low health which makes it easy to boost his damage. The event requires both players to stack the highest Mini Rag’ attack as they can to get its best rewards.

Cosmetic Rewards

The rewards for this event could be underwhelming as they just augment your “Wow” emote to have fireworks. Most of the time, you’ll lose matches it’s difficult to survive Mini Rag’s salvo of damage each turn. The Tavern Brawl actually tracks your progression so you’re likely to get all of these rewards. The fireworks level can be obtained on racking 8, 30, and 60 recorded kills with Mini Rag’. These Wow emote upgrades can be brought to other game modes outside the Tavern Brawl.

Just Get The Card Pack

If you’re not up for the reward, just play aggressively and hit your enemy as much as you can. The Tavern Brawl slightly encourages players to not hit each other to maximize the Mini Rag’ stacks for each other. However, you must win the match if you want the usual card pack reward for clearing Tavern Brawls. Feel free to rely on Mini Rag’, have damaging spells in your deck or overwhelm your foes with damage to win the fight.
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