Hearthstone News: Game In Trouble As Players Slam One Night In Karazhan

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Hearthstone One Night In Karazhan

The release of a new Hearthstone expansion is usually a time for celebration. Not this time, however. One Night in Karazhan, the upcoming adventure for Blizzard?s wildly successful online card game, has been heavily criticized by several big names from within its community.

The prevailing mood on message boards such as Reddit is also?pretty negative, with many players voicing their concerns about the direction the game is taking with each new release of cards. Let?s dissect the biggest issues surrounding Karazhan.

Firelands Portal and Purify

Last week, we predicted that no card from the set would generate as much controversy as Firelands Portal. Boy, were we wrong. During Blizzard?s full reveal of the set, it unveiled Purify ? a card that has quickly grown to become a symbol of the disconnect between Hearthstone?s players and development team.

The Priest class was already in?dire straits prior to Karazhan, so the existence of this card seems – to many – like rubbing salt in the wound. To understand why it?s so bad, we suggest you check out this?comprehensive breakdown from Hearthstone streamer Kripparrian, who was also one of the first to slam Firelands Portal last week.

Rogue and Priest Continue To Get Nothing

Tying into the Purify problem is Blizzard?s seeming inability to create playable cards for the Rogue and Priest classes. You don?t have to be an expert to see that the three cards Karazhan is bringing to each class will do little to improve their standing in the competitive pecking order.

Blizzard?s design decisions with Rogue in particular have been extremely perplexing. Earlier this year, Blizzard nerfed Blade Flurry – a staple card of the class – in order to, in their words, ?open up more design space? for future releases. Since then we?ve had two expansions; neither of which have added any Rogue card that takes advantage of this.

Lack of Communication with Fans

One Night in Karazhan has put a spotlight on the relationship between Hearthstone?s players and developers. Many in the community simply want?more transparency, similar to how Blizzard?s Overwatch team is in a constant back-and-forth with its player base. To Blizzard?s credit, they have issued some pretty substantial feedback reports. Designer Mike Donais sat down with PC Gamer last week to discuss some of the issues mentioned here.

Can Blizzard take this criticism into account in future Hearthstone releases? We can only wait and see.

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