Hearthstone: New Patch Adds Extra Deck Slots and New Paladin Hero

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Hearthstone Update
Image via Blizzard.

Patch 4.20 for Blizzard?s much loved online card-collector Hearthstone is here and it introduces a slew of changes. Let?s take a look at what?s new.

The new patch adds a new Paladin hero, Tavern Brawl cards and also some hints about Hearthstone?s first full expansion of 2016, Whispers Of The Old Gods ??.

The full list of changes (list taken from Hearthead) –

  • ???????New alternate Paladin Hero: Lady Liadrin. She will be obtainable from an upcoming World of Warcraft promotion. We’ve got her backstory, hero music, and voiceover dialogue. You can get her right now by hitting Level 20 in WoW: Fledgling Hero of Warcraft.
  • ???????New Tavern Brawl Cards including Annoy-o-Tron Fanclub, Annoy-o-Tron Prime, ?City of Stormwind, and ?Nefarian. We also have new Tavern Brawl images, including a face-off between Kel’Thuzad and Rafaam.
  • ???????New card backs Overwatch, Eyes of C’Thun, Hogger. The Overwatch card back is available when you log in.
  • ???????9 Additional Deck Slots are in, as well as Deck Recipes and improved searching!
  • ???????Whispers of the Old Gods can be preordered today, March 14.
  • ???????With Lady Liadrin as the 13th hero, there are references in the game to a Hero 14 that we’re currently looking into

So finally, Blizzard has decided to add more deck slots in the game. The much wanted feature had eluded enthusiastic fans of the game since launch but it seems like Blizzard is finally listening to the fan?s calls. You can now create a total of 18 decks of your liking.

The update has also added the ?Deck Recipes? feature. It allows you to quickly create a deck from your set of cards. Deck Recipes will come in handy for those who are not overly familiar with the complexities of deck creation in Hearthstone.

If you?re interested in getting the new hero, get ready to grind a little in WoW and hit level 20 as that?s the only way to get the new Paladin hero ? Lady Liadrin.

Hearthstone?s upcoming expansion, Whispers of The Old Gods, is now available for pre-order in the store. A 50-pack bundle of the expansion will cost you $49.99. It will also get you a special card back as a reward for pre-ordering.

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