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Hearthstone New Card: Grimscale Chum In Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan Expansion Boosts Murloc Decks

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Hearthstone Expansion

Is this the card Paladin needs to get back to the top in Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan? The class has been languishing at the bottom of the meta-game together with Priest since the release of One Night in Karazhan a couple of months back.

Check Out This New Hearthstone Card

Murloc Paladin is probably the most powerful archetype the class has going for it now, and it just got a huge boost, thanks to Grimscale Chum. In aggressive Murloc decks, this guy will no doubt be the standard opening play on turn 1. You can then follow him up with a buffed 3/2 Bluegill Warrior with charge or even the new Blowgill Sniper common. Other early game murlocs like Vilfin Inquisitor, Bilefin Tidehunter, and Sir Finley Mrrrgltron will also be tougher to deal with, thanks to that extra +1/+1.

Hearthstone New Card

Image via Hearthpwn.

Counters For New Hearthstone Card

Can an aggressive Murloc opener like this contest Mid Range Shaman?s ever potent 1-2 combo of Tunnel Trogg into Totem Golem? Warrior, another popular class, can also make quick work of any aggro-leaning Murloc strategies as well.

Honestly, given the other cards revealed from this set so far, I don?t think Grimscale Chum will do much to vault Paladin into the upper echelons of the meta game. The Anyfin Can Happen variant of Murloc Paladin is still the more viable option at the higher ranks of the ladder, and Grimscale Chum doesn?t really fit in that archetype.

If you were a new player looking to assemble a cheap aggro/face deck to start your journey, you?re still better off picking Shaman or Hunter as your class.

Will Grimscale Chum be a force to reckon with once it hits the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan? Only time will tell. For more news and updates on new Hearthstone cards, keep it right here on The BitBag.

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