Hearthstone Live Stream: Watch Blizzard’s Next Adventure Expansion

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Blizzard is about to unveil Hearthstone?s next adventure in a live stream event tomorrow at 11 pm PDT. You?ll catch the reveal on the official?Hearthstone Twitch channel. Though unconfirmed, a lot of evidence and fan speculation points to the iconic World of Warcraft raid Karazhan as the setting for this adventure.

Will The Next Hearthstone Expansion Be Set in Karazhan?


The full invite sent out by Blizzard.

The invite Blizzard sent out to various outlets features a feather motif as one of its decorations, a symbol Warcraft fans associate with Medivh, the corrupted mage who last occupied the tower of Karazhan in the Warcraft lore. The invite describes it as a ?once-in-a-lifetime event? filled with magic and celebration, another clue that points to Medivh?s possible involvement.

If Karazhan does end up being the focus of this adventure, it will probably be a reimagined, non-canon version, judging by humorous tone of the invite. Previous World of Warcraft raids like Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain were recreated pretty faithfully in their Hearthstone adventures, but Blizzard previously said that it wants to do more than just transform old World of Warcraft content into card form.

The game?s previous adventure, League of Explorers, was a completely original creation featuring some new characters and locations never seen in the existing Warcraft lore. Last April?s Whispers of the Old Gods expansion was another example of Blizzard?s new design philosophy, showcasing alternate versions of some well-known Warcraft characters.

This upcoming adventure may be looking to bridge the gap between longtime fans eager to relieve their favorite World of Warcraft scenarios and newcomers who aren?t familiar with the series? long history.

Whether it ends up being one or the other, we won?t have to wait long to find out.

What?s your bet for Hearthstone?s next adventure? Do you want a reimagined Karazhan or do you prefer a more faithful adaptation? Let us know in the comments below.

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