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Hearthstone Leak: ?Whispers of the Old Gods? Expansion Revealed

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Based on a recent Hearthstone leak, it looks like the next expansion will feature the old gods of Azeroth. Yesterday, a Reddit user by the name of u/That_Azzin stumbled upon an in-progress mural advertisement — most likely related to the popular online card game — while walking through the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The ad, which as of this writing is only halfway done, indicates that the next Hearthstone card expansion will be called ?Whispers of the Old Gods.?

Hearthstone Leak Reveals Old Gods

image via Reddit user That_Azzin

Blizzard has scheduled a major Hearthstone-related media event for tomorrow, March 11, where, presumably, they will unveil some or all of the new cards in the expansion. However, with the recent Hearthstone leak, we can start counting on the rumor mill for theories on what might be included in the set.

Prior to the discovery of the poster, popular Hearthstone YouTuber Disguised Toast already deduced that the old gods could be the focus of the next expansion. In the video, he points out that Blizzard recently changed the five featured cards on the Hearthstone website to Mind Blast, Void Terror, Dark Wispers, Cult Master, and Faceless Manipulator. He points out that each of these cards references the mysterious, Lovecraft-ian horrors that ruled Azeroth before the main events of the Warcraft saga.

Hearthstone fansite Hearthead also picked up on the Old Gods theme ahead of the pack. The press invite they received for the March 11 event explicitly mentions, ?Whispers around the tavern,? which is an obvious reference to the expansion?s rumored title.

In any case, we won?t have to wait long to get official confirmation from Blizzard about the game. The Hearthstone event starts streaming tomorrow at 11:00 am EST on the game?s official Twitch channel.

What do you think about the Hearthstone leak? Are you excited for Whispers of the Old Gods? Let us know in the comments below. ???


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