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Hearthstone: Effective Card Combos

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In Hearthstone, a little bit of luck is required to perform well, and a great deck alone won?t get you anywhere. Players must also learn to do some card combo attacks that will inflict a considerable amount of damage to the opponent, or to perform other tasks that would be too difficult with a single card.
Below are some of the best card combos we have found in Hearthstone.

Druid: Force of Nature with Savage Roar
In the game, Druids are pretty deadly, and this combo is an example. Three 2/2 minions with charge will be summoned using the Force of Nature, while +2 attack will be given to all the minions and the Druid himself using the Savage Roar. Meaning, the Druid will be able to inflict 14 points of damage without any other minions in play. This can easily finish off an enemy, particularly if taunt cards are not placed? to store you from attacking face.

Priest: Injured Blademaster with Circle of Healing
For a Priest, the Injured Blademaster is solid turn 3 card. Even with an instant jury, it is a 3-mana 4/3 card. When you add the 0-mana card Circle of Healing however, you?ll be able to achieve the Blademaster?s full force, which is 4/7. This can be very troublesome for your opponent, and it will give you an early board control.

Rouge: Leeroy Jenkins with Shadowstep
Leeroy Jenkins is a legendary ?late card that generally helps you win matches. When you combine it with Shadowstep, it will become an 8-mana combo that is going to inflict 12 damage. We advise you to use this if there are no enemy taunt cards in play so you will be able to attack face without having some issues. Play Leeroy Jenkins, attack face, and then use Shadowstep to put him back in your deck and quickly play Leeroy again for another attack. Four 1/1 minions will be summoned for your opponent, but always remember that this is a late game combo. It?s supposed to finish off your enemy.


Shaman: Ancestral Spirit with Cairne Bloodhoof
The Ancestral Spirit?s ability to revive a destroyed minion is a great card to combo with any card that has a charge, deathrattle, or other similar function. But when you combine it with Cairne Bloodhoof, which summons a 4/5 minion once destroyed, however, you are crucially acquiring 4 solid minions out of a single combo. But if your opponent has a silence card, this combo can be broken up, but it can wreak havoc on your opponent during the late game if they don?t posses a silence card at the ready.

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