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Hearthstone Decides to Give Less for More Enjoyment for Players

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Blizzard, the developer of the hugely popular digital card game Hearthstone, announced the news about its new expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods.

Similar to the half dozen expansions that came, it has a backstory with ties to Warcraft lore, a particular style of play and a stash of new cards to entice the gamers? appetites. After the set was divulged, Blizzard evolved directly into its Winter Tournament.

This new set will have a total of 134 new cards. ?It will also represent the introduction of the new standard format, which means that when the new set of cards is released in late April or early May, the game will be divided into two formats: standard and wild.

On the one hand, the wild format functions as it does now, allowing the use of any card released to date. The standard format, on the other hand, is expected to be the dominant format, which only allows cards released in the previous and current years, an approach obtained from Magic the Gathering, the godfather of collectible card games.

When the shift to standard format was announced last month, many Hearthstone gamers were angry. Available only in one of the modes, cards with which time and money were spent were diminished in value.

The wild format was predicted to fade since Blizzard?s pro tournament and prize money would be connected to standard. Blizzard has also implied that older sets may be rotated into the action, and the old cards are staying put since they still have their uses.

In the new expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, it is said that the voices of the Old Gods are dread whispers that are irresistible to mortals and the Old Gods themselves are monsters in deep sleep under the earth, who use these whispers to influence people and creatures alike. And at the center, the theme of corruption prevails, wherein once innocent-looking characters transform into their bizarre-looking opposites.

More details will be revealed at the official site reveal.

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