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Hearthstone: Curse Of Naxxramas – How To Beat Grand Widow Faerlina

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Earlier, we have shown you How To Beat Anub? Rekhan in Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas, now let us share with you guys again some useful tips on how to get through one of the first wing boss, Grand Widow Faerlina.

Grand Widow Faerlina only has a few solid cards in her deck. However, it is Faerlina?s power that will make this battle difficult for some Hearthstone players. Faerlina?s hero power fires missiles in each card in a player?s hand. Meaning, if a player is holding five cards when she uses it, five missiles will be fired at random enemy targets. This can be pretty troublesome if you don?t play this battle correctly.

Your best bet is to create a deck that will consist of cards with low mana, for this will help you defend against her hero power. Also, you might want to add a couple of taunt cards in your deck, as well as cards that could deal mid-game threats like Dancing Swords (4/4 with Deathrattle that will allow to draw a card), Worshipper (1/4 and will give Faerlina 1 attack every turn)and Necroknight (5/6 with Deathrattle that is going to destroy any minion that is next to it.) The Dancing Swords and Necroknight will pose a great threat, specifically if you posses a large number of low-cost minions to counter her hero power.

The best strategy against Faerlina is to attack early and more often. You have to inflict as much damage as you can to her before she can use her hero power to drain your health. If you can, try to play as many cards as you can and avoid using draw cards. DO NOT hold cards waiting for that combo card to appear because the longer you hold onto them, the more damage you will take from the Grand Widow?s hero power.

Fortunately, board clearing abilities will not be much of a problem ?in this battle. She uses Hellfire which is going to inflict 3 damage to all your characters. But besides that, Faerlina doesn?t have much that is going to clear the board. You can overwhelm her by making her hero power relatively ineffective by keeping your hand as close to empty, and attack her with a flurry of low-cost minions.


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