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Hearthstone: Curse Of Naxxramas – How To Beat Anub’Rekhan

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For the next four weeks, Blizzard looks to continue on rolling out Hearthstone?s expansion, the Curse of Naxxramas. If you?re going to play its new solo adventure during its first four weeks, you will get the first wing for free. However, we know that playing the expansion will not be enough for you, and we also know that there are plenty of cards up for grabs that you want to have. To help guys with that, we?re going to show you some useful tips in the first wing to help you along the way.

Let?s start with Anub? Rekhan. His hero power can summon a 3/1 Nerubian. ?Rogues and Mages can counter this with their hero powers, however, damage will be inflicted to Rogues for their efforts. Shamans might be able to deal with them as well by summoning totems. But the totem is random, meaning, you might not be able to get one that can properly deal with the Nerubian.

Anub? Rekhan will try to gain board control early on for the most part, and will hold on to it as long as it can to finish you off. During the first few turns, Rogue and Mage spells will help you keep up with Anub? Rekhan.

You will be able to rest easy and relax once you get through the first few turns. Why? Because Anub? Rekhan does not have a significant end game strategy. As long as you have cards that will be able to deal with Deathlord (2/8 taunt with Deathrattle that is going to force you to play a random minion from your deck) and Abomination (4/4 taunt with a Deathrattle that inflicts 2 damage to all characters), there?s nothing to worry about Anub? Rekhan?s end game deck.

The only concern throughout the entire battle, and might be the biggest one, will probably be Anub? Rekhan?s Shade of Naxxramas. This card can be very tough to deal with, especially if you do not ?posses area attacks that will be able to hit all enemy minions. So, if you will have the chance to clear out this card when it is played, we advise you to do so immediately.

As you approach the end game, you should play your high health taunt cards, for Anub? Rekhan will only have limited resources to dispose these cards at this point. Essentially, if he will not be able to take control of the game before turn five, you?re going to have a significant advantage.


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