Hearthstone Adventure: What We Want to See from Karazhan

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With just a few hours to go until Blizzard?s Hearthstone livestream, we thought it would be timely to come up with a list of what we want to see in the upcoming adventure. Speculations suggest that it will be based on the iconic World of Warcraft raid of Karazhan.

Can Rogue and Priest Get Some Love?

In the run up to the release of last April?s Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, a lot of fan discussions centered on the apparent direction Blizzard was taking with the Rogue class. The nerfing of Blade Flurry – a staple card of the class – coupled with the surprising absence of any new combo cards or weapons, indicate that the developers were trying to push Valeera toward the usual minion-based style of play.

While a dominant force in Hearthstone?s arena mode, Rogue?s constructed playability is still pretty bleak in the current meta game. The classic ?miracle? archetype that has been around since the game?s launch continues to be the most viable but is easily countered by the glut of hyper-aggressive decks that populate the ranked ladder. Hopefully, Karazhan introduces some Rogue cards that either fit the classes? original mechanics and flavor or push it further in the direction Blizzard pointed to with Old Gods.

Priest, on the other hand, is probably in the worst state it?s ever been. The departure of several staples from the Goblins vs. Gnomes and Naxxramas sets has left the class with very few options outside of it’s reactionary control play-style. PC Gamer recently published an extensive piece detailing its struggles and some of the inherent flaws in its mechanics that continue to hold it back.

More LoE Style Legendary Cards

With a new adventure comes new legendary cards. Last year?s League of Explorers introduced Hearthstone to its titular band of adventurers: Reno Jackson, Elise Starseeker, Sir Finley Mrrggltron, and Brann Bronzebeard. All have gone on to see a lot of play in constructed. Each explorer has a unique powerful effect, but it would be hard to find any Hearthstone fan who would call them overpowered or unbalanced. These cards also promoted unique deck building strategies and spawned several new archetypes. Hopefully, Karazhan?s set of legendaries continues down this route. At the very least, can we not get another BoogeyMonster?

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