Most Heart-breaking Tweets On The Taylor Swift-Tom Hiddleston Romance

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The internet is buzzing again with so much noise regarding the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston romance. With the recent Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breakup still floating the net, according to Hollywood Life, Taylor was caught swapping lips with Tom. It was apparently just two weeks after the Swift-Harris breakup. She was already caught kissing the Thor actor outside Taylor?s house in Rhode Island. Look what the rest of the world are saying about this whole ordeal!


1. Taylor is the ?realest deal.?


But yes! If you can move on from Calvin Harris, to go on kissing a god, why not?


2. Gettin? Loki!


Taylor Swift doesn?t get ?Loki,? does she? As said in the tweet before, she?s the role model of the broken-hearted.


3. Even Elle Magazine?have stages of grief.

Who doesn?t want to get together will this guy?


4. Some people are just outright not okay

Give this girl a tissue! Or the rest of the girl population whose hearts were broken!


5. Even Loki?s brother doesn?t like the idea.

It?s okay Thor! You?re not the only one who feels the same way.


6. Who says Taylor should get all the boys?

This lady needs a man in her life, she wants Tom in!


7. Some people still believe it?s a mistake

Apparently, it?s one reason why Loki doesn?t get throne.


8. Another Thor tweet!

That?s one way of saying you disown someone right?


9. Unsure if they?re hurt or disgusted. Probably the latter.

It obviously pains a lot of people to know Tom Hiddleston is now with Taylor.


10. Even this guy is in denial.

Maybe he wants Taylor all to himself?


11. This one wants people to stop Taylor!

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