Switch to these flavorful and healthy sausages for breakfast

They’re natural and organic.

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Whether indoors or outdoors, make cooking more fun with Charcutnuvo:

  • Healthy, organic, natural, and delicious sausages
  • Add flavor to other dishes
  • Easier to prepare 
  • Perfect for a healthy diet

The smoky flavor and juiciness of sausages never fail to grace the dining table⁠—even the aroma alone will make you drool. There are different ways to cook sausages like grilling and frying, while some use them as ingredients to come up with scrumptious dishes. Either way, the meatiness and juiciness of sausages always give a mouthwatering burst of flavor. 

However, sausages are still considered processed meat, and their fat content may not be that good for your health. To combat this, Charcutnuvo offers healthy sausages made from pure and simple ingredients and conscientiously sourced meat. Their carefully crafted flavors create a delicious taste that is really addictive! You can choose from European, Organic, Natural, and Bundles. 

Among their bestsellers for European products is the Landjaeger, an all-natural dried Swiss beef stick consisting of coarse ground pork and beef, enhanced with garlic and wine, and stuffed in a collagen casing. There are no added nitrates or nitrites, making it deliciously nutritious!

Each pack has eight pieces that are enough for camping, picnic, or outdoor cooking. You can slice them thinly to include on a charcuterie board with some cheese and crackers as you enjoy your favorite wine! Kids will also love munching on these beef sticks as a snack, which are healthier alternatives to sweets or junk food. 

If you prefer Paleo-friendly sausages, Organic is a great choice. The Organic Paleo Beef Andouille is made with 100 percent grass-fed beef and organic spices. This sausage has a coarse texture and offeres an exciting kick through cayenne and crushed red pepper flakes! You can add it to your meals to maintain your healthy diet.

For the Natural, you’ll definitely love their most popular bratwurst—the gluten-free Bratwurst With Pork And Veal! It has a delicate texture and buttery flavor containing pork, veal, spices, and milk. The carefully sourced ingredients and high-quality meat will take the traditional Oktoberfest-style bratwurst to the next level. You can serve this to your loved ones on any occasion! 

Don’t forget to check out their other flavors and stock up on these healthy sausages with Bundles. Charcutnuvo also has a Chicken Sausage Sampler, a European Bundle, a Holiday Gift Set, a Hotdog Sampler, and an Oktoberfest that you can try.