Dell XPS 13 vs MacBook Air 13″: Head to head battle

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Some weeks ago, we trained our spotlights on the Dell XPS 13 and how it appeared to be a direct clone of the MacBook Air, although with a PC feel rather than the MacBook?s iOS. It might also be cheaper than the MacBook Air for obvious reasons; but does that mean it?s also better than the MacBook Air? We take a look at both of these machines, and what they can offer to us in terms of usage and endurance.

That endurance is measured by the time both of these machines keep themselves on.

So we take a look at what PC World and Recode has to say about the Dell XPS 13 and the MacBook Air. The PC World article chose to focus on the battery life comparison between the Dell XPS 13 and the MacBook Air?is the Dell XPS 13 really longer-lasting that the MacBook Air? Also, we take a look at what the XPS 13 can offer in terms of MacBook Air competitiveness?can it really, truly hold a candle up against the Apple laptop?

Longer Lasting Batteries

The Dell XPS 13 appears to have called MacBook Air?s name out.

However, before you go buying an XPS 13 and chucking your MacBook Air out of the window?which is highly unlikely?you should take a look at the fine print, so to speak. While it appears the XPS 13 does indeed have a really good battery, there?s a catch?that depends on how you use the MacBook Air or the Dell XPS 13. There are certain things that govern how the XPS 13?s batteries drain, like what type of video you watch, or how you?re using the laptop.

It?s more a matter of perspective, and when you take those factors into account, no one wins. The choice of whether the XPS 13 or the MacBook Air packs more juice depends on how you use the machines themselves.

Dell XPS 13 and MacBook Air at a glance

This is by no means to ignite a war between fanbases, as per Recode.

The Dell XPS 13 and the MacBook Air have a lot in common rather than just the size and despite their difference in platforms. The Dell XPS 13 operates on Windows while the MacBook Air operates on iOS. Battery life and size are some of the more glaring comparison between Dell?s laptop and Apple?s offering, but that?s not the only similarity they have. Although they do have those between them, each has a distinct advantage over the other, as Dell?s XPS 13 appears to be the champion for Windows while Apple?s MacBook Air is currently biding its time for a surprise.

Before you go buying one or the other, it would be better to see how these companies develop laptops further. Currently, it appears Dell has the upper-hand. However, as per Recode, the MacBook Air line is due to for an overhaul pretty soon, so it?s worth waiting to see what Apple has under their sleeves.

What?s the better laptop?

It?s pretty hard to decide, since they?re both basically of the same size and they do appear to have the same battery life. If you?re looking for a Windows laptop which has a real crisp display, you?d be better off with the Dell XPS 13. However, once Apple?s MacBook overhaul rolls around, it?ll be interesting to see whether the XPS 13 can still manage to go toe to toe with the line.


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