HDMI: To Cheap It Out Or Not

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I’ve been telling people for the past few years to just purchase cheap HDMI cables for your PS3. I was never a fan of Monster Cable and thought their component cables were outrageously priced. I used basic RCA cables for my component hook up and never had a loss of quality. I thought the same would be the case for HDMI. I have some $20 cables and they display my video just fine. It wasn’t until I went to CES and had some long discussions with HDMI experts that I changed my mind about this. One of them, Dan Perrett, gave me an earful of information about HDMI. Because of this, I’m now a Monster Cable fan.

The word on the Playstation 3 is that it’s future proof. It really is! But why would you have a future proof system without future proof cables? The Playstation 3 is capable of 10-bit color but all Blu-Rays currently output 8-bit color. So what happens when you get a high bit BR movie and your cheap $20 cable doesn’t pass authentication to send the 10-bit signal? What if it can’t handle the bandwidth? If your cable doesn’t pass authentication, you won’t get a picture. Sometimes you get snow. You may even get a picture that flickers on and off. Dan Perrett explains all of this to us in this informative little gear head interview. It’s full of techno babble that some may not understand, but it’s worth the listen.

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