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HBO Coming To Dish Network’s Sling TV, Just In Time For ‘Game Of Thrones’

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Sling TV announces the availability of HBO as an add-on for its 20 month service.

Sling TV users won?t be able to purchase HBO access independently, unlike those who have HBO Now. However, a new announcement from the Internet TV provider mentions that their subscribers will finally be able to add HBO for $15, bumping the cost to $35 per month. Moreover, Sling TV?s HBO package will comprise just one of its 13 channels but will include access to HBO?s entire on-demand catalog.

Cord-cutter Game of Thrones fans, rejoice!

The number of people who pay for cable or satellite TV service is steadily declining. Those who have chosen to ditch these services (a.k.a cord-cutters) have leaned toward online video alternatives like Netflix, Hulu, and many others. Introduced back in February, Dish Network?s Sling TV is the company?s attempt to attract the millions of households who have opted to pay only for Internet and not for cable.

As mentioned, Sling users can access the live HBO channel for an additional $15/month along with ?the same extensive VOD library HBO provides on its other platforms,? according to the network?s press release. Their lips are still sealed about the exact release date but the company disclosed that it will launch before the fifth season of Game of Thrones starts to air on April 12 along with the second season of the HBO sitcom Silicon Valley.

To clarify, what Sling TV is offering here isn?t the option to provide access to HBO Now, which is HBO?s popular app for cord cutters. As Sling TV explains to TechCrunch, it is only providing HBO content directly over Sling TV itself, which makes it the first Internet TV service to do so.

Taking on Apple?

The Wall Street Journal reports that , “Dish has also secured itself the option of selling HBO’s standalone subscription video service, HBO Now.” While Sling TV will not be allowed to offer HBO Now at launch, it could soon support the said service for platforms that don?t require a cable subscription. It?s worth mentioning that Apple is HBO’s exclusive platform for the first three months on all non-TV hardware such as set-top boxes and streaming sticks like Chromecast and Roku.

This Sling TV HBO add-on package puts it at the same price range as Apple?s. The main difference is that Sling?s offer is potentially compatible to more devices like Xbox One, Fire TV, and Android TV. The drawback, of course, is that it is now bundled to Dish Network?s Internet TV service. Nevertheless, this Sling TV service is contract-free so it?s easier to pick and drop anytime you like. So, if you are a cord-cutter, do you think this a good way for you to watch HBO shows? Let us know in the comments section below.


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