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Hawken PS4 Release: What You Should Know

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Hawken is coming to PS4 this month as a free-to-play game. The team-based first-person shooter will be available for download from July 8. The vast universe features mechanical robot characters in a mythological world called Illal. With fast-paced, strategic gameplay, Hawken showcases unique environments, landscapes, and brand new customizable mechs with the ability to upgradable almost each of them. Additionally, the game features many competitive game modes.

The game producer Josh Clausen announced on the official PlayStation Blog that the game is coming to PS4 this week. On its official website, the studio Reloaded Games has shared more details about the gameplay.

Mechs: Hawken gives numerous mechs in three weight classes, Light, Medium and Heavy. Players can choose these mechs according to their choice of gameplay. Each of these mechs has its own strength and weakness, so players will need to choose them wisely. Mechs? abilities can be used to activate them for additional damage or protection.

Weapons: Players can change, customize and upgrade their weapons in Hawken. The game also features items that can be used with weapons to get a competitive edge over the enemy in the battlefield.

Maps: The game will feature nine maps that players can explore. The battles in Hawken take place in a variety of locations. Each of the maps available in the game has unique challenges, opportunities and features. The maps include Bazaar, Facility, Front Line, Last Eco and Wreckage.

Progression System: The game features many unlockable weapons, items and mechs. The progression system in Hawken is simple and players can simply upgrade and unlock mechs by earning rewards. To unlock unique customization options, players will need to earn pilot levels. It will also help players unlock new items. Upgrading the mechs will allow players to find new weapons, parts and equipments.

The game puts players in the role of a pilot armed with different sets of weapons including ballistic cannons and missiles. When in combat, players can use different moves such as side dash, 180 degree turns, boosts and different slow movements. The game will be available for all the PlayStation 4 owners as a free to play title.

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