Having issues with your Sony Xperia Z2? Here are some fixes.

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Before anything else, you should know that all mobile phones, tablets and computers have defects when they?re launched; and the Sony Xperia Z2 is no exception. Even the iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 all have their problems. It?s a sobering fact, but something that consumers tend to forget. So don?t feel bad about buying this device or planning to buy it. It?s true that some defects are worse than others and it?s up to you to research and be a vigilant buyer.

So if you have a Sony Xperia Z2, here are some common issues that have been cropping up with users and some suggestions on fixing them:

  • The Z2 overheats when you record video in 4K

A lot of users have been complaining online that their device gets very hot when they?re recording video in 4K that they have to put the phone down or that the phone shuts down or restarts.

Fix: Sony says that it?s ?normal? for certain apps and services to consume insane amounts of battery. So their suggested fix is to just not use the 4K video recording for longer than short bursts of a few minutes. They?re working on a fix, though, but with no idea on deployment.

  • Gap in the structural build

More often encountered in white versions of the Z2, some users have noticed a gap between the glass face and the casing of the device. This leads to people questioning the waterproof feature of the phone.

Fix: If you do see a gap, take it back to your retailer or carrier. They can test the device for waterproofing there or offer you a replacement.

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  • Wi-Fi problems

Wi-Fi connections with some Sony Xperia Z2 users get dropped, don?t connect and sometimes aren?t even detected. Other mobile phones have these problems so you don?t have to panic too much.

Fix: There are a few solutions for this problem. You can reset your Wi-Fi router or the Wi-Fi signal on your phone. You can also go to Settings>Wi-Fi>Turn on during Sleep. Another possible fix is to turn off your battery saving apps as they shut your Wi-Fi down and turn it on again after a while. You can also factory reset your Xperia.

  • The battery is charging too slowly

This is actual a relative problem since some people think their phone is charging too slowly when that?s how long it really takes. But if you think that it is a problem, we have possible fixes.

Fix: Use only the original charger and cable for the Z2. Other chargers may not be completely compatible. You can also activate Airplane mode to charge devices faster. If you still think it?s slow, take it back to your carrier or retailer.

So there you have it, some common problems faced by Sony Xperia Z2 users and their fixes. We hope that this resolved your issues with the phone and that you don?t have to take it back!

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