Have You Noticed the New Save Feature on Facebook?

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Ever experienced wanting to read that article that popped up in your Facebook newsfeed but you?re just too busy at work? Don?t worry, you?re not alone.

To all you busy people, Facebook has good news for you. It looks they have found a solution for you not to miss items in your newsfeed as they finally decided to add a Save feature in their social media platform.

If you have been tinkering a lot with Facebook recently, you might have already noticed this in your Facebook page. Facebook has put up ?Save? buttons everywhere. Now you can save your favorite items and view them later in your ?Saved? section. With this new feature, you don?t have to worry about missing stuff in your newsfeed. Just click save and read them later when you?re free.

You can save your items by clicking the drop-down?button on the upper right of a post and hit on save. This will automatically transfer it to your saved section. Then later, you can check your saved items by going to the ?More? tab on your mobile or by clicking the link on the left hand panel of Facebook on your web browser.


Pages, links, places, movies, TV shows, and events can all be added to your saved items and everything will be organized per category. Only you can see these items unless you choose to share them with your friends. Simply swipe right on each item to share on your mobile phone.

And in case you forget to check your saved items, Facebook will also be reminding you from time to time of your saved items through your newsfeed. Hopefully it won?t be too pesky for us.

The feature will be available on the iOS, Android, and web platforms over the next few days.

Thanks, Facebook!

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