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Have The Freedom to Decide on Your Battles in ‘Transistor’

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Transistor is a game that is very musically-engaging, artistic and strategic in nature. From the start when the main character Red was doing her occupation as a lounge singer, the whole mood is attractively elegant, pulling the player to dive into some more of the attractions.

Touted as a game with unique and artistic achievement by Supergiant Games, Transistor will fill you with real cool neon palettes in the visuals that gets even better during combats. The whole design is a creatively subtle hybrid of anime and modern role-play video gaming. These take away any visual bias from the player and as a result, urge the player to start enjoying this game.

The game starts somewhere random and the player is given the liberty to discover what already took place and what else to expect as the game progresses. It allows the player to fill up the story and it places confidence in the player’s ability and decision making. Throughout the game, there are doors that your character can choose to get into, so you can be brought back to the homebase or you will be trained to practice your skills on speed, planning and performance.

Some players can enjoy these practice stages better than the actual enemy combat. While the game allows you to pause and strategize through its time-out feature called “planning mode“, you get to choose which skills you can use to inflict more damaging impact to the enemy. Depending on the gamer’s personality, the constant pauses needed for planning might actually affect the momentum of the player especially for those who are energized during explosions and slashing around.? Transistor is jam-packed with mystery as well as deep combat that allow the player to experiment, and this sounds more than amazing.

If the player decides to get into all the doors in the game and choose to practice the skills, it can take 10 hours to complete Transistor; 6 hours if you want to go straight into the exploration and combats. The whole treatment is very much similar in the PS4 and PC versions and the only drawback that can be pointed out is the faraway camera view in cornered attacks where you can lose sight of your own character from the top view.

Overall, Transistor is a feast for your visual, audible and fighting senses. It empowers you in your decision making and lets you bank on the skills you acquired, since in effect these skills become your extra life. If you lose all your skills, that’s when you die.

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