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‘Haunted House’ Ready To Scare Again: Atari Is Bringing Back Its Classic 1982 Game To iOS Devices

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One of the most recognized interactive entertainment maker and game producer, Atari, is bringing back the 1981 game ?Haunted House.? The classic Atari 2600 game can now be enjoyed by iOS device users and can be downloaded right now from the App Store for free. The company, however, did not make any comment about the game?s availability in the Android platform.

The new iOS game is an updated, re-imagined version of the original game and was developed by a studio called Kung Fu Factory, a Los Angeles-based game developer. They are also the team responsible for the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Rooftop Run among a handful of other mobile games including Spartacus Legends and Domo Jump.

Haunted House is a free-to-play, endless running game that features a lost boy who needs to navigate in a scary mansion and graveyard. Upon playing, users will instantly find themselves in control of the boy and need to help him find the safest way back home by jumping, running, and outmaneuvering dangerous hidden traps along the way. Players should swipe away obstacles such as vampires, spiders, and zombies that occasionally reach up from underground to grab the boy as he passes by.

As the boy navigates in those treacherous grounds, players can help him stay alive by collecting various power-ups. Those include: ?master keys? that can unlock bridges automatically, ?scepters? that can render the boy invincible against traps & monsters, ?coin magnets? that function to attract coins nearby, and ?urns? that gives extra lives.

Some gamers who expected a remake of the original Haunted House game in this newly-released iOS game were disappointed to learn that it is not. Atari had already released such a game in 2010 for the PC, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360. However, that game is relatively not well-received by video game enthusiasts. This re-invented version of Haunted House is noticeably different to the original game where there is only a set of eyes navigating in an environment made of blue and black palette. The iOS version is said to be much kinder to the eyes and the distinctive pixels of the original version are dropped in favor of smoother animations.


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