Hatoful Boyfriend Allows Players to Date Pigeons

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Getting a girlfriend is really tough. It takes time and some serious balls of steel to ask a girl you like. Good news for all who can?t do it right, there are several dating simulators that you can play. Dating sims has been there for several generations to teach guys how to get a girl. The same goes with women. There are dating sims that you can try to see how boys do their thing (and how to crush their hearts in pieces).

However, this new game might be a little weird for everyone. I?m not so sure if there are people who has serious fetishes about pigeons but this simulator is definitely something.

Launching this August 21, pigeon fetishes will be satisfied as new Hatoful Boyfriend comes out for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, according to the announcement of its publisher, Devolver Digital.

The game was based from the original work of manga artist Hato Moa back in 2011. ?Mediatonic picked up the visual novel and turned it into a game. Devolver Digital found it interesting and decided to publish it.

The player will take the role of the last living human girl in the planet. Surrounded by a big dark cloud of loneliness, you have no choice but to go to school and date pigeons. You will have to imagine that all of those pigeons ?in your terrace are a bunch of hotties.

According to the associate producer, Luke Borrett:

“We’ve found a lot more depth to it as we played more of it, and that’s what we liked. It’s that funny hook that sucks you in, but there was this deeper story here. We found ourselves a little bit emotionally invested in a pigeon dating sim which becomes increasingly harder to justify to your friends and loved ones.”

The game is something like a parody and a dating sim combined. It is actually hilarious once you start playing it. The game might be interesting but I do NOT want to get caught playing it.

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