Hatchimals For Sale: Where Best to Buy – Amazon, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us or Ebay

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Buyers are sure to line up for the holiday’s essentials and usual gift items with Christmas day just around the corner. However, there is this adorable Spin Master’s toy that is the most-sought after gift for the season – the Hatchimals. Be one of the first to check out below on where to find good deals on Hatchimals on sale.

The Quest for the Overly In-Demand Egg

Spin Master first released the Hatchimals to the market last October. However, the company did not expect that Hatchimals would receive extraordinary attention. Since its release, Hatchimals have been popular and were usually out-of-stock in major stores.

As of this date, the struggle to get one and under a reasonable price is real. When restocks came on November, several toy stores increased their Hatchimals selling price. Individual resellers also took advantage of the craze to sell some of these furry cuties at a higher cost.


Hatchimals For Sale: Prices Comparison

Another batch of Hatchimals hit several toy stores this December and prices vary even more. For starters, Wal-Mart sells a Hatchimal egg at $48.88 a piece since its December restock. While Toys R Us sold its new batches on December 4, they have been selling one for $59.99 but shoppers can only buy one per person.

Moreover, Target also restocked on its Hatchimals supply on December 11. Their price is the same with Toys R Us but they only allow a maximum ratio of two Hatchimals per buyer. Wal-Mart is the only physical store that offers the lowest Hatchimal price among the three without giving limit to buyers – unless Hatchimals come out-of-stock.

Alternatively, parents who choose to ditch the long lines to pay at cashiers may opt for online purchases. However, online sites like eBay and Amazon have overpriced listings of Hatchimals from different resellers.

For example, majority of Hatchimals on eBay costs about $150 up to $250 while the Amazon Marketplace offers one for $200-$250. Scammers have also been reported on different third-party sellers that are selling Hatchimals at their usual price but will then require more payment. Afterwards, the product will not be delivered.

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