Hatchimals Guide: Hatching & Other Things You Need To Know About Your New Toy

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Hatchimals is in the market and it is considered as the best toy to gift this Christmas. The new toys are winning the hearts of millions of kids around the world and it?s time to gift such a toy to teach your kids how to love animals.

Hatchimals start off as eggs which need love and pampering to ?hatch? them. With the help of this toy, you can teach your kids to love and cuddle animals. Here is the Hatchimals guide that you need to go through before buying one for your family.

How to Hatch Your New Toy

Hatching the new toy need lots of love and pampering. Covered in an attractive egg, the toy can learn, express and share its feelings with you. The kids can play with the new toy only after hatching.

When the toy flashes rainbow lights, it means it?s time to hatch. ?You will be able to hear the crackling sound. Hatching the egg needs these three steps.


Hold the egg and cuddle it tightly. The right way to hold the egg is to hold it from its bottom. And that will make the hatchimal?s eyes pink.

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The next thing you should do to hatch the egg faster is to tilt the egg. Hold the egg from the bottom and tilt it back and forth in a playing motion. The hatchimal will enjoy the fun, but don?t tilt too much.


When the hatchimal is quiet, it means it is trying to listen to your voice. Gently tap the egg on the side and it will tap back. The hatchimal loves tapping back and loves to communicate with you.

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Hatchimals describe Emotions

You new toy pet will also describe emotions. It changes the color of its eyes to express what it?s feeling. Red eyes mean it?s upset. Orange eyes for a burp and orange flashing eyes for hiccups. Meanwhile, green eyes mean it is not feeling well, while dark blue eyes mean he?s scared. Finally, white eyes mean it is feeling sleepy.

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