Hatchimals Cursing: Parents call the new Interactive Toy ?Demonic?

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Hatchimals cursing

Remember the super cute little interactive toys that sold out before the holidays? Of course you do. Well, latest reports say that the Hatchimals are cursing in their sleep, and it?s bringing terror to parents.

There?s actually a long list of criticisms coming from parents who bought Hatchimals as Christmas gifts to their kids. And the latest complaint about Hatchimals cursing has made its way across social media.

Hatchimals aren?t as cute as people expect it to be after all.

Hatchimals Cursing and other complaints

A number of concerned parents have been posting videos of their kids? Hatchimals on YouTube. Apparently, these cute interactive toys seem to be cursing in their sleep.

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The Hatchimals are reportedly uttering the words ?F*ck me,? and now parents are concerned about the possible “demonic nature” of the toys. In the videos, the Hatchimals seemingly create moaning sounds as they say the curse words while sleeping.

Hatchimals cursing

The tamagochi-inspired toy also seems to be saying words that are hard to interpret. With this, a lot of parents are worried that children might be able to adapt these words without knowing their actual meaning.

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On the other hand, some Hatchimals are also reportedly ?damaged? as the toys wouldn?t hatch from their eggs. Meanwhile, the other toys did hatch, but eventually died.

Spin Master?s response to customers

Spin Master, the company who created Hatchimals recently addressed the issues and released a statement to Mashable through email.

In the email, the spokesperson for Spin Master explained how the company is doing everything to resolve the issues regarding the interactive toy. The company also sent their sincere apologies to the customers who are experiencing Hatchimal glitches.

They?re also thankful to?those who remained patient despite the issues about the cursing Hatchimals. Spin Master also expressed their gratitude to all the positive response they received over the holidays.

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