Harry Styles To Star In ?Wicked? The Movie? Other Rumored Casts & More

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Wicked will make its big screen debut on December 2019

Rumors about the cast of Wicked the movie are already going around even if Universal Pictures just announced the big-screen adaptation today.

Slated for its big screen release on Dec. 20, 2019, the Tony award-winning production narrates the ?real story? of Wizard of Oz at the time before Dorothy arrived. The film will be directed by Billy Elliot’s Stephen Daldry and produced by Marc Platt.

Speculations about the Wicked having a movie last came out in 2014 with cast front runner Lea Michele allegedly being eyed to play the lead role of the green-tinged Witch of the West, Elphaba. The lead star of hit musical series Glee is also part of the American TV series Scream Queens, which is now on its second season. Elphaba was originally played in the musical by Idina Menzel.

Many were also surprised when Harry Styles of One Direction was named as one of these being considered to play Fiyero, Elphaba?s love interest. The English boy band heartthrob will be making his movie debut in Christopher Nolan?s World War II action-thriller ?Dunkirk? on 2017 and is rumored to be playing the legendary Mick Jagger in a new Rolling Stones film.

Among those allegedly being considered to reprise the role of Kristin Chenoweth?s Glinda is Amanda Seyfried, who admitted that she has been ?campaigning? for the part for years. ??I just still?I want it,? she gushed. ?I want to present myself and be a good candidate.? Coincidentally, one of Amanda Seyfried?s most famous films, ?Mean Girls,? was recently announced to be coming up with a musical version.

The rumor mill has been abuzz about other celebrities who can be part of the cast of Wicked the movie, with names like Anna Kendrick, Jonathan Groff and Vanessa Hudgens being thrown around. ?Anyone that is anyone will be offered an audition,? an insider shared. ?The studio anticipates it to be a major box office hit and will be nurturing it until it?s completed to make it as big as it can become.?


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