Spotify Technical Glitch Caused Harry Styles’ New Single To Miss Out On Streaming Clicks

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Harry Styles released his new song 'Sign of the Times' on April 7
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Harry Styles debuted his first single as a solo artist. The new track titled Sign of the Times was released last April 7, but unfortunately fans who were excited to keep the new track on loop couldn’t find it on Spotify. This earned the ire of fans of the former One Direction artist, and they wasted no time in taking their frustration to social media.

According to Variety, Spotify was quick to fix the glitch, after admitting that the streaming site suffered a “technical error.” They posted an update on Twitter, apologizing for the glitch and providing the link to Sign of the Times track. However, this was not enough for Harry’s enraged fans.

Meanwhile, Harry said he was extremely excited for the release of his new track. He revealed that Sign of the Times was the quickest song from the album that he created. It started out as a piano piece which later on, after adding the other effects to it became what we hear on the radio today–and it was all finished in a matter of hours. With this song debut, the former 1D star said that fans need not wait for long because he will be releasing his debut album pretty soon.


Aside from the Harry’s first solo album, he will also be seen in his first acting project in the movie Dunkirk. The new Christopher Nolan film is set during the second World War where French, British, Canadian, and Belgian soldiers tried to escape Nazi troops from a beach in Northern France. Styles stars with topnotch actors as Tom Hardy, Cyllian Murphy, Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh. The film will be coming to theaters on July 21.

Going back to Harry’s debut, have a listen to his new song. It hit an impressive 6.4 million plays on YouTube upon it’s release.

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