Harry Styles & Gigi Hadid Awkward Encounter: What Really Happened

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Gigi Hadid

Harry Styles had an uncomfortable encounter with Gigi Hadid on the red carpet of American Music Awards. Wondering why this happened? Read on.

According to US Magazine, Hadid awkwardly shook hands with Styles but greeted the other band members of one Direction with a lot more affection. The reason behind the same is said to be Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift who Styles had dated previously. And since Gigi good friends with both the girls, may be Gigi decided to give him a cold shoulder.

After a series of romantic outings, Harry abruptly ended things after what is said to have been an explosive argument, inspiring her song Out Of The Woods. Not to be outdone, Harry’s band recently released their new track Perfect, which chatshow host James Corden implied was inspired by Swift during an interview last week, reports Daily Mail UK.

Well, if this wasn?t enough Harry even got trolled for her outfit at the awards. Harry who wore floral-patterned suit from Gucci?s Spring 2016 collection, was highly criticized for the same. People have already started to make literal comparisons to actual quilt covers, along with many other unfavorable comments on Twitter.

Styles has always been known for his interesting, yet sharp, fashion choices, like the Tom Ford weekender. From oversize coats, to skinny jeans, to moto boots, Styles dresses like a quintessential bad boy at times, and we’re not complaining. He is pretty much the king of layers, slaying fall and winter like it’s his job.

While we had a feeling that Styles would choose an unexpected look for tonight’s AMAs, we weren?t expecting this, stated Bustle.

Looks like Styles was just having a bad day!

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