Drunk Ron Weasley Celebrates Harry Potter Birthday, World Also Celebrates In Social Media (Watch)

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Harry Potter

Last year, ‘Ron Weasley’ celebrated the birthday of his Wizard best friend, Harry Potter via a drunken ode. This time around, drunk Ron Weasley (Simon Pegg) goes back?on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to sing his best friend a joyous birthday, and dedicate another drunken celebration.

?It?s always Harry this and Harry that. I?m Harry (Hairy)! I?m real Harry (Hairy)!? Simon Pegg shouted as the Harry Potter character. ?Have you seen 50 shades of grey? I?ve got 50 shades of ginger right here,? he said while slowly disrobing.

After Jimmy Fallon cuts the actor off, drunk Ron asked ?What about my Chamber of Secrets?? turning around to show his backside. Hilarious that guy.

And as Harry Potter turns 35 tomorrow, July 31, dedicated fans flock to social media to share their feelings and love for Harry Potter. Devoted fans appeared on Twitter and kept the #HarryPotter and #NewHarryPotterBooks hashtags alive by posting photos of dilapidated books and collection of memorabilia, to making awkward jokes between Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

Here are our favorites:




Joining the #HarryPotter hashtag is the #NewHarryPotterBooks, with silly titles ranging from ?Harry Potter and the Escape from Guantanamo Bay? to just plain ridiculous tweets like ?Harry Potter and the Confession to Ron why His Kid Has Lily?s Eyes.?



The Dark Lord isn?t left out of the celebration as he also comes out with ?The Dark Lord Funk?, a hilarious parody of ?Uptown Funk? from singer Bruno Mars.

Watch the video below:

Harry Potter has certainly made a place in everyone?s heart. Any person would be proud to say that they lived through all the 7 books and 7 movies, and that they will forever be fans of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint, as well as every cast and crew of the franchise.

In memory of Harry Potter?s 35th birthday, here is a photo of all #HarryPotter book covers connecting together.

But before that, Happy Birthday Harry! #harrypotter

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