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Harry Potter GO: When is it Happening? See Game Trailer Here

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Harry Potter GO

Since the global success of Pokemon GO, rumors and fake spin-offs of the mobile game have hounded Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO app. One of the top fan requests is the development of Harry Potter GO – where even fake news about Niantic launching the said game broke a few weeks ago, disappointing fans when it was revealed to be a fake. Because of this, Potterheads became more eager to push the development of Harry Potter GO, even inspiring Stargaze Media to create a trailer with the hopes of getting Niantic?s attention.

Imagine a world where magic exists and you can hold it in the palm of your hands (via your mobile phone of course!). This augmented reality game will probably be the closest we can get to being in Harry Potter?s world (or second to the Harry Potter ride in Universal Studios). The fan-made Harry Potter GO trailer showcases the same gameplay as Pokemon GO as well as possible features like hunting or capturing fantastic beasts, choosing your house from Hogwarts and collecting magic cards at various stops around the world.

The petition for the said game is still ongoing, now with about fifty thousand signees. You can join too by signing up here. Surely by reaching a million signatures from Potterheads, Niantic will have a hard time ignoring this magical request. ?For now we can continue to dream about catching Flobberworms or Welsh Green.

Harry Potter GO

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

It was reported that Pokemon GO has earned an estimate of $200 million in its first month alone. Imagine how much revenue Harry Potter GO will bring in. Fans are hoping this would encourage Niantic. Although, remember guys, Pokemon GO took 20 years to make, if they should take on Harry Potter, expect a minimum of 10 years – which is still a long time. Or count way back to Harry Potter and the Philosopher?s Stone.

So in the meantime, watch the (unofficial) Harry Potter GO trailer, created by Stargaze Media and continue to dream about Hogwarts.

We?d love to hear your thoughts about the trailer and the development of the Harry Potter GO app. Hit us up in the comments section below.
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