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Harry Potter GO Trailer: Is It Better Than Pokemon GO?

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Harry Potter GO

Pokemon GO certainly took the world by storm when it was revealed, during the months it was being teased and even more when it launched. It?s not the pioneer in augmented reality gaming, but it sure did make it well-known around the world. Fans are now eagerly requesting for augmented reality titles from their own franchises, one of which is the world of Harry Potter. We got the Harry Potter GO trailer to see how the game would fare against Pokemon GO.

A recent Harry Potter GO trailer went viral and fans were ecstatic about it. Sad to say, no such game is confirmed to be in development and the trailer is just a tease made by a fan. However, we got a glimpse of what it might play like if it does get launched.

The map is pretty neat and is a great ode to the franchise. Instead of collecting Pokemon, players will be tasked to collect cards based on their favorite witches and wizards. The cards can then be collected at Wizard Stops.

When it comes to combat, players will face ?fantastic beasts,? and combat will be done via the touchscreen also. If a game like this does get released, we can expect a lot of magic and spells to collect, each with varying swipe gestures to activate.

Lastly, a faction system might be present in Harry Potter GO. There?s no Team Mystic, Instinct and Valor this time around, but players will be able to choose between the wizard houses instead.

We?re not entirely sure how Harry Potter GO would size up against Pokemon GO, but we can expect that fans will flock the game on launch day. We also shouldn?t expect Niantic to develop the game for now since it?s obviously busy improving Pokemon GO by adding more features and cleaning up all the issues in the game. You can watch the fan-made Harry Potter GO trailer below.

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