Harmonix Survey For A Next-Gen ‘Rock Band’ Game

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Rock Band (Image Credit to www.harmonixmusic.com)
Rock Band (Image Credit to www.harmonixmusic.com)

You might have noticed that the music-based video game genre went a bit silent some time ago. Too silent, perhaps. Gamers must have grown tired of annual releases of plastic-instrument games that the entire genre had to be pulled away.

However, Harmonix is in the process of studying if whether consumers will buy the idea of another installment of the game Rock Band, which everybody used to love.

To do this, the company started sending out surveys to gauge the interest of people for a follow up in the game series. Although the brief survey results fall a bit short of directly confirming if a new Rock Band game is indeed going to be made, as well as additional gameplay mechanics, it does show that the new title for the series is indeed very much considered.

As it stands now, many of those who have taken the survey are considering asking for the new Rock Band title to be made available for next-gen consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U, but still, there?s also an item in the survey that asks people if they would want to see the next Rock Band on LEGACY consoles, which are Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii).

Harmonix Survey (Image Credit to www.harmonixmusic.com)

Harmonix Survey (Image Credit to www.harmonixmusic.com)

The last thing we?ve heard with Rock Band was the small downloadable game Rock Band Blitz in 2012, but for Major installments, it?s already been nearly four years. After Harmonix?s Fantasia: Music Evolved, a Kinect-exclusive music title, we haven?t heard a word about Rock Band 4, but it would seem like the developers are getting more interested in reviving the series with the survey that they?re making.

It is, however, a huge factor for Harmonix, to see if the survey would get lots of solid responses for having the next Rock Band game dished out. As for the gamer?s point of view, the experience of playing with your friends, using a make-believe plastic guitar is priceless.

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