Harmonix Game, Amplitude, Gets Funded on Kickstarter!

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Harmonix, mostly known as the developer of the popular game series like Rock Band and Dance Central, has successfully reached the crowd funding goal for their Amplitude game. We first gave an overview about the game here. ??

The Kickstarter campaign was launched to have a remake of the 2003 rhythm action music game carrying the same name. The campaign was to try to amass $750,000 to cover costs in making the game, although according to the developers, that cost is actually less than half of the total cost in making the game but it would be the amount they need after exhausting other external sources. The 2003 version was made by Harmonix for the PlayStation 2 and in itself was a sequel to the studio?s 2001 game called Frequency.

The campaign was risky even at the very beginning and although Harmonix had high hopes, they, by no means thought, that the campaign was a sure thing. It was even shaky until only a few more days to go because there were still about $100,000 that wasn?t funded and it didn?t look like the initial goal would be met at all. Other high profile and passionate fans then acted to help the game get funded even by other game developers like Insomniac Games, the Skullgirls team,and Mojang?s Markus ?Notch? Persson .

The Amplitude game is something that Harmonix is very passionate about and that is why they are trying really hard to get the game made. It has been a dream of theirs for years and they have been very thankful for the community that they now have this chance to make their dream into a reality.

The remake will be made for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The main reason for there not being an Xbox version is because Sony has exclusive rights to the game and won?t allow other consoles to have their version of the game. This was also another hurdle as to why the game had a hard time getting funded as their user pool would be quite limited.

Amplitude will feature single player as well as multiplayer modes. There will be online Leaderboards as well. The beat blaster (the in-game ship), tracks, music notes, and special effects will all be getting a visual update and will be modernized. The game engine will allow for 60 frames per second.

The Kickstarter campaign is already closed and had a total of 14,112 backers having amassed $844, 127. Harmonix has been very thankful for all the backer?s support. The stretch goal wasn?t reached, but Harmonix is looking to open something up to possibly give fans time to get the amount funded for it soon.

Photo Source: Amplitude Kickstarter campaign

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