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Harley Quinn In Suicide Squad Outshines The Joker? Spinoff In The Works

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Fans had a better look on Harley Quinn in the last trailer of DC Comics? Suicide Squad which was released at the San Diego Comic Con 2016. With those amazing scenes of her, it seems like she is indeed capable of outshining her master, The Joker, in the movie and might as well get a solo film in the future.

As early as now, there are already positive reviews on how Margot Robbie portrayed the Harley Quinn character in the movie. Her acting was really great and would make the viewers think that she really studied the role and that she knows every bit of it to be that effective. So, with a lot of positive comments around the web, is it possible that she could finally break free from being the right-hand of The Joker (Jared Leto) and be a stand-alone character?

The answer would be an astounding ?yes.? Based on the latest trailer of the movie, it is pretty clear that Harley Quinn has already grown even without The Joker. The amount of scenes where the character actually handled the business on her own is a clear indication that she is indeed a power in the upcoming DC movie.

Aside from the great acting job made by Robbie in Suicide Squad, fans are also amazed to see the costume of the character. Although she is not wearing her iconic costume in the trailer, there are rumors stating that she would eventually use her red and black jumpsuit. Furthemore, there is also a scene where she is ?sizing up? her classic outfit, which would give the fans the idea that she would actually use it.

Also, due to the positive reactions from the fans, it seems like Harley Quinn will be getting her very own spin-off movie some time in the future. Producer Charles Roven was asked about it and he said, ?[it?s] at a very nascent stage.? Even so, it would still give the viewers something to anticipate for in the near future.

However, although Harley Quinn can now stand on her own, it is still a fact that she and The Joker are still the best when they are together and acting as partners, so let us see if The Joker would be included in the rumored spin-off. How about you? What are your thoughts in the latest trailer of the Suicide Squad? Sound off in the comment section below.

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