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Hard Disk Inventor Bags Home This Year?s Millennium Technology Prize

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Hard Disk Inventor Bags Home This Year?s Millennium Technology Prize

Helsinki, Finland – Professor Stuart Parkin, hard disk inventor, takes home a million euro and a ton of bragging rights because he just won the Millennium Technology Prize.

His masterpiece in 1988 has revolutionized the way computers are being used. His excellence in the field of spintronics changed the world of storing data. He has used the ability of the materials to detect the weak and the smaller signals to come up with what we now know as the hard disk.

This has paved way for miniature libraries. Also, this could be one of the reasons why information comes in relatively cheaper price now. So much about science has been innovated because of his invention.

The Previous Winners of the Millennium Technology Prize

Technology awardees were also as important as the hard disk. Sir Tim Berners-Lee got his award for inventing the World Wide Web. Just like the hard disk, life today would so much different without this important innovation.

The Millennium Technology Prize is usually given to a person who has changed the way life is viewed today. Normally, they are given to inventors who have created something that has affected the rest of the Earth. The people behind the awarding always give the winners money alongside with the prize. However, this is nothing close compared to the millions that they have helped because of their inventions.

What Does Professor Stuart Parkin Hide?

Aside from being a genius in the field of spintronics, Parkin is also known for thinking what is best for the society. He looks at his work as something that people can use in their daily lives. They can see it as a material that will help them read all the books in library, stream movies, find information, and a whole lot more.

Before coming up with the Millennium Technology Prize, Parkin studied at the Cambridge University. He also worked for IBM for several years. This is where he thought of the hard disk and the many benefits that it could bring to mankind. Then, it was IBM that tops the list for the best technological advancements. They will need something that is as revolutionary as the hard disk then to make it big again.

The Millennium Technology Prize is seen as a huge milestone for any inventor. Bagging this award home is like taking home the ?thank you?s? of the world. Who do you think should be the next awardee?

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