?We Happy Few? Review, Gameplay, Release Date: Can Get a Little Happier, Still a Little Rough

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We Happy Few is a promising indie survival horror video game. It is being developed by Compulsion Games. It is set in Wellington Wells, a dystopic retrofuturistic-fashioned version of 1960s Britain. The population is forced to take this pill called ?Joy? to make them forget unhappy memories. Joy also suppresses a person?s moral sense and the ability to recognize long-term consequences.

Those who do not take ?Joy? are called ?Downers.? Downers too are forbidden in Wellington Wells, if they are caught, they are force-fed Joy to get them to fit back into the society. This is if they are not beaten to death by Joy takers. You, the player, takes on a role of a Downer that must escape or remain undetected. Sounds exciting, interesting and cool right? Well, it is. What?s cooler is that it is out. Well, kind of.

In an announcement by Compulsion Games, We Happy Few is out on Xbox One Game Preview, Steam Early Access and GOG.com Games in Development. It is available on the Humble Store.

Also, Compulsion Games released a trailer for this ?early release.?

Here?s a gameplay video.

Those in the know who have had the chance to play the early version of the game though have revealed that they find it a little rough. This is not surprising but as Nathan Grayson of Kotaku revealed, it?s quite polished. Grayson though encountered a few glitches.

The game has deleted items in his inventory that caused him not to complete quests. Also, he encountered moments where his character was just saying the same line over and over. Other characters, in some parts of the game reacted negatively to other characters and him for no apparent reason.

The game is quite at an early stage and the story is not immersive yet. The developers are planning to keep this in Early Access for six to 12 months. This makes We Happy Few, the final version of it, something to look forward to in the future.

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